So I totally didn’t update over the weekend. Whoops :)

I just got my tune up today at lunch (massage). And am looking forward to another sauna session tonight. I was at the quarry this weekend and some women were discussing Diane Nyad. They were saying that she probably could have had “a lot more fun” over the past 5 years if she hadn’t been so “obsessed” with this goal of hers. (swimming from Cuba to Florida)

I honestly was a bit shocked. I think Diane’s story is empowering! I pointed out that she probably wouldn’t have spent her time swimming, unless she really liked it. I work out about 25 hours a week… because it’s fun. Because I enjoy it and I get a lot of reward for it. I’m sure there are some post success blues that Diane feels after finally accomplishing what she set out. But without that, would the high feel as high? Sure, there’s the question of now what? But I’m sure she’ll find some new challenge to take on. People like her always do.

I’m a bit nervous of how I’ll feel post Kona, but I’ll be in Hawaii! It’ll still be fun.

I get post race blues. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop dreaming big.

Dream and reach for the stars! Don’t stop til you get there.



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  1. Let’s see… sense of accomplishment and pride after years of working hard to achieve a sky-high goal … or the sense of accomplishment of having “a lot of fun” most of which probably isn’t remembered a week after it’s completed. And you make a great point – whose to say the effort and the exertion itself isn’t the fun?

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