My sister sent me a care package which I finally got yesterday! Super excited to get it as it had some protein bars she made. Along with dried mango, essential oils, and a few other care items. She wrote out note cards with inspiring messages for me to read each day. I’m being good and NOT reading ahead (although I totally want to!!)

She also made us matching anklets with my power color (BRIGHT ORANGE!). I’m definitely planning on wearing it on race day.

Anklets and first notecard!

Anklets and first notecard!


Paul sent me some amazing photos from the race in past years. It makes me worry a little bit about the swim! But it looks amazing! I’m sure it will be a completely surreal experience racing my first Kona. I hope to truly be able to enjoy it. I feel completely humbled and lucky to have this opportunity. I can’t express my gratitude enough for all my supporters!


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  1. Am so excited for you & will send nothing but positive thoughts your way
    You have worked hard & truly deserve this Awesome experience!

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